Under CONNECT2CE project, we have been developing tools to plan and implement measures aimed at improving cross-border accessibility of public transport services, which provide support to the relevant authorities in their planning and implementation efforts. Against this backdrop, a total of three different tools have been produced in December 2019:

  • A tool to enhance regional and cross-border rail services and other transport connections and services,
  • A planning tool for the implementation of an integrated multi-modal ticketing and pricing scheme in Central Europe, and
  • A planning tool for the introduction of ICT systems (web portals and mobile apps) in cross-border public transport in Central Europe.

The tools tackle the issue concerning cross-border public transport services in two stages – planning and implementation. Planning tools help identify the options to enhance accessibility of cross-border public transport services (i.e. the WHAT), while implementation tools provide practical guidelines for implementing the planned measures (i.e. the HOW).

Stage 1 allows planning tool users to gain insight into what measures are most appropriate to improve accessibility by proposing measures based on their answers to the relevant questionnaire. The relevant tool can be found here.

Stage 2 provides the user of implementation tools with practical guidelines on how to introduce the measures. The relevant tool can be found on CONNECT2CE website.

While the planning and implementation tools concern the same subject, each can also be used as a standalone tool.

The tools delivered in December 2019 are built on the knowledge and experience gained from conducting a total of six pilot actions carried out under CONNECT2CE project.