Abbreviation: IN2STEMPO
Duration: 1 Sept 2017 – 31 Aug 2022
Program: Shift2Rail (sofinancira EU, program H2020)
Lead partner: Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd., Great Britain
Additional information about the project: https://projects.shift2rail.org/s2r_ip3_n.aspx?p=IN2stempo

Objective: IN2STEMPO seeks to develop a smart railway power grid in an interconnected and communicated system, map the energy flows and usage within the entire rail system to allow for more effective energy management strategies in the future, and improve the customer experience at rail stations.

A pilot project is presently in development at the Institute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana to improve access to rail through new ticketing technology to improve ticket management and serve as a central database of all information regarding the ticketing, which will facilitate faster boarding and optimize passenger flows at stations: on-train passenger counting and ticket validation and automated on-train passenger metering.

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