As one of the ten strategies prepared under the project by partners from various countries and regions in Central Europe, CONNECT2CE aims to improve accessibility of peripheral and cross-border areas and create better connections with transport hubs in Slovenia.

The strategies lay down different scenarios and determine measures based thereon, together with purposes and objectives relating to their implementation. The measures generally aim to improve rail connections and smart mobility in Central Europe by introducing innovative solutions in public transport to enhance connectivity along rural, peripheral and cross-border transport networks, which typically have poor transport connections and limited access to main transport corridors.

The strategy to improve accessibility is implemented in three main areas which serve to enhance public transport services: connectivity, integrated ticketing and innovative ICT tools.

The scenarios created under the strategy are built on knowledge and experience drawn from analyses and pilot actions and from consultations with key stakeholders in cross-border public transport so as to determine the main challenges and examples of good practice.

The strategy to tackle poor accessibility of peripheral and cross-border areas in Slovenia comprises objectives and measures for three main scenarios, as follows:

  • harmonizing the management of cross-border public transport services,
  • enhancing public transport services in cross-border areas, and
  • designing multi-modal time tables and integrated pricing systems across public transport operators in cross-border transport.

The strategy also enjoys government support, which was expressed by Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure Mr Jernej Vrtovec in his letter of support on May 2020.

More information about the strategy for Slovenia and the strategies pursued by other project partners can be found on the project’s website:


The strategy and other CONNECT2CE deliverables and opportunities for enhancing cross-border accessibility have also received support from the director of Institute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana, dr. Peter Verlič.

Download full report on the CONNECT2CE project strategy: Strategijo projekta CONNECT2CE o dostopnosti obmejnih in čezmejenih območij SLOVENIJE