Leading research and development organisation in transport in Slovenia.

Prometni institut Ljubljana d.o.o. is a limited liability company which carries out research and development and produces pre-investment studies and investment programmes. The company was founded by Slovenian Railways (Slovenske železnice, d.o.o.)

Our main activities:

  • conduct research into transport economics, traffic planning and marketing;
  • R&D in rail transport technology;
  • R&D in rail infrastructure;
  • produce pre-investment studies and investment documents;
  • offer IT support in project management and develop software;
  • consultancy and expert assistance at national and international level;
  • cooperation with universities and other organisations, both national and international;
  • education-related work: hold seminars, technical meetings and symposiums;
  • assist expert bodies in their work for the needs of founder Slovenian Railways and other national organisations;
  • within project development the company maintains a modern environment for development, carries out hardware upgrades and software updates, and use specialised tools such as ArcGis, Railsys, PTV Vision, @Risk etc.

Recent international projects