Abbreviation: SUSTOURISMO
Duration: 30 months (1 Feb 2020 – 1 July 2022)
Lead partner: CERTH – The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece)
Project website: https://sustourismo.adrioninterreg.eu/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/sustourismoproject/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sustourismo
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sustourismo/

SUSTOURISMO is funded under the European Union’s 2014 – 2020 INTERREG VB Transnational Adriatic – Ionian Programme (‘ADRION’). The project seeks to invest in environmental resilience and the cultural and natural heritage in the Adriatic region by reducing the environmental impact of tourism and the associated use of private transport. To this end, it aims to achieve a modal shift from road to other means of transportation such as active transport (walking and cycling), public transport and low-emission mobility solutions (car sharing, car-pooling and electromobility).

Various tour packages will be tailored to the tourists’ mobility needs, along with a SUSTOURISMO mobile phone app to be developed and tested over the span of nine months in ten different cities in countries covered by the project (Albania, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia). Project partners – from research bodies and universities to counties and regions along Adriatic and Ionian Sea, coordinated by CERTH / HIT (lead partner) – will work together to analyse and assess the performance of innovative tourist and mobility solutions delivered under the project.


  • Identify key tourism businesses, mobility service operators and stakeholders,
  • Share experience to boost sustainable tourism (through sustainable tours) in the Adriatic and Ionian region,
  • Analyse tourist needs (surveys; sights, cultural heritage and historical sites, alternative types of tourism),
  • Facilitate collaboration between the relevant actors to boost landscape development associated with tourism; raise awareness to promote sustainable tourism practices while improve the profitability of the tourism and mobility sectors,
  • Accelerate the integration of new technologies into innovative tourism product solutions such as ‘green’ tours – „SUSTOURISMO“ app (to raise awareness about sustainable travel, promote crowdlearning and assess eco-friendly touring practices)
  • Define methods to apply the experiences gained from pilot actions in other ADRION regions,
  • Lay out a roadmap for policy makers in the ADRION region how to make tourism more sustainable by way of providing guidelines to achieve objectives relating to sustainable tourism.



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